Anything Goes Necklace and Chinese Sliding Knot

The right side of our brain is used for this fun Anything Goes Necklace necklace. So named because it can be as simple or as complex as you make it.  During this session you will put the right side of your brain to work. Each person will be given and bag of charms, jewels, shells, polished glass, beads and nylon cord. Additionally here will be shakers with fill beads, used if desired to embellish your design. From these items you will decide how to cover a 2” square piece of mat board and glue the items into place. You will then learn the Chinese sliding knot using the nylon cord to make the pendant a necklace.

This first example displays the Anything Goes Necklace showing the Chinese sliding knot that allows you to adjust the length of the necklace.



Here are three other examples demonstrating how unique each of the pendants will turn out:

CIMG1674 (1280x853)

CIMG1679 (1280x853)

CIMG1680 (1280x853)


The brain is divided into the right and left hemispheres. Each hemisphere controls certain aspects of a person’s mental function. The left hemisphere controls language, hearing and handwriting. Or better sated, our creativity. The right hemisphere controls the other sensory activities and allows for creativity and visualization. While each hemisphere is necessary for a human to have a complete experience of the world around them, some people tend to use one hemisphere of their brain more than the other hemisphere. Psychologists define those people who are analytical and detail-oriented as left-brained.

Those who have stronger right brain hemispheres generally prefer a creative, intuitive, hands-on approach to learning. There are a variety of learning strategies right brainers can employ to embrace their strengths and tendencies.

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