Sophisticated Lady Magnet

Hi all,

Today we did the Sophisticated Lady Magnet, this was our easiest craft for this voyage and it was very well attended and received. The pre-packaging made the distribution extremely fast and appreciated. Several comments about how organized the craft was were appreciated. After the craft was completed we passed out our gift, the sewing kit pictured below. The posters featuring the next sea days craft (Ribbon Lei), was a big hit.



The Finished Craft:



Craft Instructions:

Supplies per Package

· (1)Pre-laminated black square

· (1)Pre-laminated picture square

· (1) 1 inch glue dot

· (1) magnet, rectangle

· (1) ‘We Teach Crafts’ oval label

Additional Supplies provided by instructor

· Extra glue dots

· Extra black laminated squares

· Extra magnets

· Extra glue dots

· Extra labels


1) On the back of the black laminated square, place the white oval label directly above the signature. The square is now a diamond shape.

2) Now remove the backing from the rectangle magnet and place it directly above the white oval label. The top two corners of the magnet should be even with the edges of the diamond.

3) Turn the diamond shape over so you have the black side facing up, the magnet should be at the top of the underside of the diamond shape.

4) Remove one of the protective coverings from the glue dot and stick it to the center of the black diamond shape.

5) Remove the remaining protective covering from the glue dot. You may have to work it loose from the edge of the dot to get it to release.

6) Take the laminated picture square and position it over the black diamond so that all 4 corners of the black diamond are equally showing and the lady’s hat is at the top of the square.

7) Press it in place, being careful not to press on the red beads on the hat of the picture.

About WeTeachCrafts

Gloria and Brad have been teaching crafts on cruise ships for over 30 years.
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1 Response to Sophisticated Lady Magnet

  1. Carol says:

    Love it, especially the gift for the attendees. Smart idea.

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