Ribbon Lei

Very well received and attended. Class sized increased to 70 passengers and all of the completed their Ribbon Lei.


Ribbon Lei


Supplies per package

· All supplies will be passed out

Unpackaged supplies required per person

· Two pieces of ribbon different colors 1/4 inch 5 yards each.

· Two kukui nuts if desired

Supplies to take by instructor

· All the cut ribbon bolts to be passed out with helpers

· Pencils for passing out ribbon

· Scissors per table for trimming ends of ribbon when completed

· Kukui nuts

· Wire to pull the ribbon through the nuts wire is per table

· Example of other types of ribbon leis, i.e. bookmarks, bracelets, grosgrain type, etc.


1. Helpers are passing cut the ribbon.

2. Select two different color pieces

3. These leis may be made with different widths of ribbon and different ribbon material.

4. The smaller the width of the ribbon, the more ribbon that will be required.

5. The black & white grosgrain lei for formal night.

6. Both pieces need to be two sided as it is more difficult when the ribbon is not

7. The technique may be used as a hat band, decorating a basket, a bookmark, a bracelet, etc.

8. Place one ribbon on top of the other. Grasp the ribbons in your left hand approximately 6 inches from one of the ends. Tie a knot by taking the end in your right hand, making a loop and passing the end through the loop. Turn the knot so the created side faces down with the long ends of the ribbon drifting away from you.

9. Place your right hand on the knot. Take the bottom ribbon in your left hand and make a 2 inch long loop. The loop should begin near the knot with the long end of the ribbon hanging to the left.

10.Hold the loop and the knot in your left hand. With your right hand, pull the ribbon on top to the right, then behind your first loop. Switch hands so that you are holding the knot and loop with your right hand.

11.Make a loop with the second ribbon color by pulling the ribbon gently with your thumb and index finger with your thumb on top. Flip your fingers over so that your index finger is on top. You should now have a loop of ribbon. Push the loop through the first loop. Pull the end of the first ribbon color to tighten the loop. Repeat the process, alternating hands and colors until you have 6 inches of ribbon left.

12.Make one final loop. Pull the opposite color ribbon directly through the loop to secure it. Pull on the knot to tighten it.

13.If desired, you may add a kukui nut to each side with the wire provided. Use the wire provided per table to pull the ribbon through the kukui nuts. If using the kukui nut, tie a knot in the ribbon to secure the kukui nut stays in place. Tie the two sides together in a square knot

14.Tie the two ends of the lei together so that it forms a complete circle.

15.You can attach a flower or a fan to hide the knot.

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Gloria and Brad have been teaching crafts on cruise ships for over 30 years.
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