Black and Silver Earrings

The Black and Silver Ball is this evening so we did, the Black and  Swarovski Crystal Earrings. They were very well received.

Black and Silver Earrings (1)

Supplies per Package

· 2 Head Pin

· 4 Black beads

· 4 Sliver and crystal beads

· 2 Silver Stop beads

· 2 Jump rings

· 2 Ear wires

Additional supplies required per person

· One Package

· Shared tool set

· Felt Square

· Extra Two Silver Stop Beads

Supplies to take by instructor

· The craft

· Extras parts

· Tool sets

· Table handouts

· Felt Square

· Instructions per table


Note: these instructions are generic to assembling most drop earrings. Although the pictures of the beads, may not match your set, the principles are the same.

1. Take inventory

2. String beads

a. Be creative, experiment, change the order of the beads

b. On this Black & Silver set, a stop bead must be put on first and last, however it is your decision where and how many other beads look good to you.

c. Happy?

3. Place round nose or needle nose pliers just past last bead, bend pin at right angle. Arrow marks pliers spot:


4. Now place the pliers against the knee at of the top of the pin. Arrow marks pliers spot:


5. Bend the pin 360 degrees, it should look roughly like this:


6. Now twist the remaining around and down the pin. It should look roughly like this:


7. With the needle nose pliers make sure the end is flush with the pin.





Use the needle nose pliers grab and hold one side of the jump ring, with the round nose pliers twist the other side to open the jump ring:

9. Attach ear wire and head Pin to jump ring:


10. Close jump ring with needle nose pliers and round nose pliers.

About WeTeachCrafts

Gloria and Brad have been teaching crafts on cruise ships for over 30 years.
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