Quilling Chart

In order to better understand the basics of quilling we taught the passengers the basic quilling shapes and had them make their very own quilling chart.

CIMG1578 new paste

Here are the instructions:


ROLLS – Begin with a loose circle and are shaped by pinching one or more sides.

Tight Circle – Wind strip onto tool as tightly as you can. Glue loose end and remove.

Loose Circle – Wind strip onto tool. Loosen grip to allow paper to uncoil. Remove from tool and glue loose end. Note: The more you loosen, the bigger the finished shape will be.

Teardrop – Make a loose roll. Pinch one end between your humb and index finger.

Marquise – Make a loose roll. Place between thumb and index fingers of both hands and pinch both ends. A shaped marquise is the same except while pinching both ends, twist one end up and the other down.

Square – Make a loose roll. Pinch into a marquise, turn and pinch opposite sides.

Bunny Ear – Make a loose circle. Make a rounded indention at the top.

SCROLLS – Are not glued and may be rolled from one or both ends.

Loose Scroll – Make a loose roll leaving the end loose

Open Heart – Crease the strip in its center. Roll each end in toward the center

V Scroll – Crease the strip in the center. Rolls each end toward the outside.

S Scroll – Roll one end toward the strip’s center. Then roll the other end toward the center to make an S shape.

C Scroll – Roll both ends of the strip toward the strip’s center

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Gloria and Brad have been teaching crafts on cruise ships for over 30 years.
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  1. Carol says:

    Great chart.

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