Iris Folding–the Square

Today we made the Square Iris folding, this was a first of three Iris folding patterns the passengers will be completing. This one includes a route map of the voyage on the inside of the card:

CIMG1651Cruise Map

Here are the instructions:

Square Iris Card

Supplies per package

· One envelope

· One square hole in front card

· Iris pattern


· Cruise map with adhesive back

· Center piece for the iris (note this piece is has two sides)

Unpackaged Supplies required per person

· Painters tape (two 12” pieces)

· Scissors

· 20 pieces of each color, from 4 post-a-note pad

· Pencil (mark your colors)

Supplies to be taken by instructor

· Extra cards and envelopes

· Extra cruise maps

· Extra Iris Squares

· Painters tape

· Scissors

· Trash bag per table

· Post-a-notes pads

· Pencils


1. Check all the pieces are in your package, this is your goal:

2. Lay the a small piece of painters tape sticky side up on the table, place the pattern piece so half the tape attaches to the top half of the back of the pattern.

3. Open the card and position the iris pattern on the front of the card so that is shows through to the inside of the card. Suggestion: press lightly so the painters tape attaches to the front of the card.

4. Turn the card back over and tape the pattern on the edges, to the front of the card. Do not put pressure on the tape, you will be removing it when you are done.

5. Turn card back over as you will be working on the inside.

6. Look over the colors and determine which one will be your A, B, C, or D color. The color sequence is your choice.

7. Using the pencil provided mark a small A, B, C, or D on 1 piece of each of the 4 different colors to identify your selected color choice for A, B, C, and D.

8. Cut a post-a-note piece in half (lengthwise) of each color. They will be long enough to span the area and wide enough to accommodate a small fold and still cover each numbered section are, i.e. 1A, 2B, 3C and 4D. As shown below in 1A below. Note: Make thin folds.


9. Tape the folded pieces down with small amounts of painters tape, making sure not to cover any other parts of the pattern. Your first four pieces should look something like this. Important Note: When using the half of the post-a-note with the adhesive, make sure to fold sticky to sticky and then place it sticky side up.

10.Repeat the above process for:
5A, 6B, 7C, and 8D using the same color for each letter

11.Continue the above step until you get to the iris (center).


12.Using the Iris square provided cover and the Iris paper to completely cover the Iris. Do not forget it has two sides and you want to pick the one you like the best. Suggestion remove the pattern from the front and hold the iris piece in place to see which side you prefer.

13.Tape the iris piece into place.

14.Turn the cruise map face down and remove the backing.

15.Carefully center the cruise map over the Iris folded area to conceal your tape work. Note: the map is smaller than the cards left inside. Make sure to leave a broader, see the highlighted broader edge below in blue

(for illustration only).

16.Your card is ready for the envelope.

About WeTeachCrafts

Gloria and Brad have been teaching crafts on cruise ships for over 30 years.
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