Black and Crystal Magnetic Bracelet

A clear favorite for all was this simple yet elegant black and crystal magnetic Bracelet.


Supplies per Package

· 16 magnets

· 14 small crystal beads

· 7 large crystal beads

· 1 piece of power cord elastic – 14″

· 2 crimp beads inside a post-a-note

· paper squat soufflé cup/person

Additional Supplies required

· felt pad/person

· tools for crimping to be shared

· scissors to trim off the excess elastic cord

Supplies to be provided by instructor

· Extra magnets

· Extra crystal beads, both large & small

· Extra crimp beads

· Extra elastic cord


1. Check all the pieces are in your package by pouring the contents into the paper cup. The cup should be sitting on top of the felt pad.

2. Remove one crimp bead from the post-a-note, and put on end of the elastic cord through the crimp bead. Position the crimp bead about 1/4 inch from the end of the cord and pinch the bead flat using a pair of crimping or needle-nose pliers.

3. Thread the magnets & crystal beads on the elastic cord in the following order:
a) 2 magnetic beads
b) 1 small crystal bead
c) 1 large crystal bead
d) 1 small crystal bead

4. Repeat the above pattern until you use all the beads and magnets, ending with 2 magnets. [optional: Prior to adding all the magnets and beads, holding the open end of the cord, test to see if it is long enough. The bracelet must be long enough to overlap enough for 2 sets of magnetic beads to connect.]

5. Remove & thread the 2nd crimp bead positioning it against the last magnetic bead, making sure all the magnets and beads are gently touching each other. Lay the bracelet on the felt to do this, being careful not to let go of the end that has the 2nd crimp bead (that has not been secured to the cord).

6. Using the crimping or needle-nose pliers, pinch the crimp bead securely to the elastic cord, thus holding all the beads and magnets in place.

7. Cut off the excess elastic cord on both ends.

About WeTeachCrafts

Gloria and Brad have been teaching crafts on cruise ships for over 30 years.
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