Stained Glass Card

Yet another large crowd and all loved the craft. Everyone completed the project within the hour class.

001 Colored002 Colored003 Colored004 Colored005 Colored

Here are the instructions and designs:

Packages should contain

· One envelope

· One transparency pattern

· One piece self adhesive background

· One card

· Note: all of the above items will be distributed with the pattern you select.

Unpackaged supplies required per person

· One glue stick

· One pair scissors

· Q Tips

· Alcohol wipes

· Waxtex

Supplies to take by instructor

· Extra envelopes

· Extra card stock

· Extra transparencies

· Extra self adhesive background

· Extra alcohol wipes

· Trash bag

· Pure wipes


· Double sided tape rolls for tables


1. Check all pieces are in the package you selected.

2. Place waxtex with shiny side down.

3. Color transparency partially so that the sparkle will show through. There are about 125 Sharpies so please share. You will require very few colors as you want to be sure to leave some of the transparency clear.

4. NOTE: Primary colors work well. You may want to try the color/s you have selected on the edges of the transparency you selected to assure you like the color/s

5. If the pens dry out, mark on the waxtex to clean them.

6. Remove any mistakes with the alcohol wipe provided and a Q Tip

7. Peel back off self adhesive sparkle and lay flat on the waxtex with self adhesive side up.

8. Place the transparency with the side you colored so that that side will be placed on the self adhesive backing. In other words, you want to stick the adhesive side of the paper to the side you colored in on the transparency.

9. Cut out the image.

10.Use double sided tape or a glue stick to stick it to the front of the card.




About WeTeachCrafts

Gloria and Brad have been teaching crafts on cruise ships for over 30 years.
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2 Responses to Stained Glass Card

  1. Sandy Lehto says:

    Very clever and pretty you are doing great Gloria…. I am following your cruise through the blogs. Happy sailing….

  2. adele mintz says:

    beautiful,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,wish i was there……

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