Starburst Stitch Card

Today we made this beautiful and modern stitched card, the starburst pattern was the first of the stitched cards planned for this cruise. Everyone found it easy, fun and beautiful.

Starburst Stitch

pattern jpg


Starburst Tri-fold Card

Supplies per Package

· Tri-fold card and envelope

· sq. of cork board

· pattern

· packet of gold pre-threaded needle + extra piece of thread

· push-pin in mini cork

Additional supplies required per person or per table

· 1 double 3 inch sticky line glue strip per person

· scissors per table

· blue painter’s tape a strip per person

· Scotch-Magic tape per table

· Needle threader per table

Supplies to be provided by instructor

· Extra push pins in corks

· Extra cork boards

· Extra Sticky lines glue strips

· Extra pre-threaded needles & thread

· Extra patterns

· Extra trifold card stock

· Scotch Magic tape

· blue painter’s tape

· scissors


1. Check all that you have the following:

1.1. cork board square

1.2. Starburst pattern

1.3. push-pin embedded in tiny cork

1.4. pre-threaded needle and extra gold thread

1.5. a bag with a folded glue strip equal to 2 sticky lines of glue

1.6. a tri-fold card & envelope

1.7. a piece of blue painter’s tape, provided by instructors

1.8. access to scissors, Scotch-Magic tape, and a needle threader

2. Punching out the holes in the pattern.

2.1. Open the tri-fold card and lay it down so that all three sections of the inside of the card is facing the table and the outside of all three sections are facing up.

2.2. Position the pattern on the outside of the center section of the tri-fold card. Center the pattern of dots equal distance from the top, bottom left and right sides of this section.

2.3. Hold the pattern in place with small pieces of the blue painter’s tape on all 4 sides of pattern. Press the tape just hard enough to hold the pattern on but not too hard as you will be removing the tap and pattern after you punch the dots with the push pin going through the pattern and card.

2.4. Place the portion of the card with attached pattern over the piece of corkboard.

2.5. Remove the tiny cork from the push pin and using the push pin, poke a hole through all the dots next to U1 through D32. You only need to push the pin hard enough to go through the pattern and card stock. You do not need to push it through the corkboard.

2.6. When all the dots have been turned into holes, remove the pattern from the tri-fold card and you will use it later. Set the push pin, tiny cork, and corkboard aside to be returned to the instructors.

3. Stitching the card.

3.1. Remove the thread and pre-threaded needle from the post-a-note. Do not put a knot in the end of the thread and you will be stitching with a single strand of gold thread.

3.2. Use the pattern as a guide to determine where to stitch. The ‘U’ and ‘D’ next to the numbers on the pattern indicate whether you will be coming ‘up’ through the hole in the card or going ‘down’ through the hole in the card.

3.3. Holding the tri-fold card so the outside is facing up and the inside is facing down, bring the needle and thread Up (from the side facing down, toward you) through the hole equal to U01 on the pattern), be careful not to pull the strand of thread all the way through. Tape the loose end of the thread to card with Scotch Magic tape.

3.4. Push the needle and thread down through the hole corresponding to the hole at 02D on the pattern.

3.5. Come up through the hole that would be at 03U and down through the hole at D04.

3.6. Continue in numerical sequence to stitch up and down using the pattern as a guide to find the next sequential number. The patten is up at the odd numbers and down at even numbers.

3.7. Keep the thread taunt but not so tight as to bow the card.

3.8. About half way through you will need to use the extra thread that came in your package. End with a stitch that is ‘down’ and tape the end of the thread with Scotch magic tape, to the inside of the card. You may want to trim off any excess, but it is not necessary as the inside will be covered when you have finished with your card.

3.9. Re-thread you needle with the 2nd piece of gold thread, needle threaders are available if you require one.

3.10. Come ‘up’ through the hole that corresponds to next number following the last one you where you went ‘down’ through the hole. Remember that you do not put a knot in the end of your strand of thread and use a single strand, stopping before it pulls all the through so you can tape the end to the inside of the card.

3.11. Continue to stitch until you have gone ‘up’ and ‘down’ through all the holes. Cut and tape the end of the thread to the underside of the card.

4. You are now ready to complete your card.

4.1. Place the Tri-fold card with all three sections open and the inside facing up. This means the wrong side of your stitching will be facing up and starburst will be facing down.

4.2. Remove the glue strips from the plastic bag and separate the 2 strips at the perforations.

4.3. Remove the clear cover from one side of one of one sticky strip exposing the glue strip.

4.4. Place that glue strip glue side on the top or bottom of the center section of the tri-fold card. Leave the clear covering in place for now.

4.5. Remove the clear cover from one side of the other sticky strip exposing the glue strip.

4.6. Place it glue side down on the other end of the center section.

4.7. Remove both of the clear covers from the 2 glue strips.

4.8. Fold the left section of the tri-fold card over the center section and press it down against the glue strips. Press and rub over each glue strip to seal the left section to the center section, thereby, hiding the back of the stitches and turning a tri-fold card into a two-fold card.

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Gloria and Brad have been teaching crafts on cruise ships for over 30 years.
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