Kimono Iris Folding Card

Appropriate for our cruise between Kobe and Nagasaki, this Kimono Iris folding a passengers delight.

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Iris Folding Kimono Card

Supplies per Package

· One Card

· One Envelope

· One cutout kimono % sheet with embellished edges

· 3 pieces of the same pattern of origami paper

· One kimono iris folding pattern

· Four glue strips – two glue strips may be connected together and will
need to be separated.

Unpackaged supplies required per person

• Scissors

Supplies to take by instructor

· Blue painters tape per table

· One enlarged pattern per table

· Extra cutout kimono % sheet with embellished edges

· Extra packets of 3 pieces of the same pattern origami paper

· Extra kimono iris folding pattern

Instructions (numbered

1. Check all the pieces are in your package

2. Using the blue tape (torn or cut) attach the kimono pattern to the % sheet

3. Cut out a piece of origami that will be large enough for the center piece
and set aside.

4. Make folds that are only a portion of the piece cut.

5. Follow the numbers and using a small piece of the blue tape attach the
folded paper in that sequence

6. Remember that the blue tape cannot be larger than the paper itself

7. When all the numbers of the pattern have been covered with the center
piece being last, check that the blue tape pieces do not go over the edges
of the % sheet of cardstock

8. When ready place a couple of pieces of blue tape across all the folds to
secure them.

. ~

9. Take the glue strips and place one at a time on the back of the Yz sheet

that you did the kimono folds. DO NOT REMOVE THE SECOND PIECE OF

10.Remove the four strip covering the glue strips and carefully position the %
sheet on the cover of your card.

About WeTeachCrafts

Gloria and Brad have been teaching crafts on cruise ships for over 30 years.
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3 Responses to Kimono Iris Folding Card

  1. Beverly Cyphers says:

    Just packed my traveling jewelry tray to take on a cruise. Love the kimono and all the iris folding projects.

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