Five Yen and Sliding Knot

This craft had been requested most since we announced it at the beginning. This very functional craft teaches the Chinese Sliding Knot. We included a Japanese Five Yen coin to hang from it to give this craft a real Asian feel.

Necklace (1)


Oriental Coin Necklace

Supplies per Package

· (1) 3′ cord

· (1) Oriental coin

· (1) Instructions sheet

Additional supplies required per person or table

· scissors

Supplies to take by instructor

· Packages

· Scissors

· Extra coins

· Extra cord

· Extra instructions sheet

Instructions [Note: Compressed sheet with instructions in each package]

1. Check that you have 3 feet of cord, 1 Oriental Coin, and access to a pair of scissors.

2. Find the two loose ends of the cord

3. Pull the cord between your fingers to find the middle

4. Pinch the middle and poke it through the
hole in the coin

5. Pull the two loose through the loop in the cord

6. Overlap the two loose ends about 7”

7. Loop one loose end back on its self

8 - 12

13. Repeat with other loose necklace end.

14. Coin necklace look

15. Sliding knot opened

About WeTeachCrafts

Gloria and Brad have been teaching crafts on cruise ships for over 30 years.
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