Door Art (2015 WC)

Once made and posted on your state room door, not only you, but your neighbor’s will be glad you made this craft. Be wild, get crazy or make it simple it is your door after all:


About WeTeachCrafts

Gloria and Brad have been teaching crafts on cruise ships for over 30 years.
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2 Responses to Door Art (2015 WC)

  1. adele mintz says:

    Brad and Gloria, don’t send me any more crafts,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,two of my three daughters have cancer, and I don’t have time to see anything else. Love and kisses Adele

  2. Dear Adele, We will miss you. So very sorry to here the news. I have sent you a private email and posted how to Unsubscribe on the blog. When things improve you can always join our blog again. A thousand Hugs, Brad and Gloria

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