Mid Cruise Update

Hello to all our blog readers out there in cyber land. We are enjoying the Grand Far Asia segment of this voyage very much and we are proud to report everyone is enjoying all the crafts.  Our classes have been extremely well attended. Our highest attended class so far was 93 people. We are so glad our friend, Margo, is assisting us.  She is a great support.

We want to share two comments that really warmed us. The first was from a lady that came to us during lunch and said she would like us to save a craft package for her as she would not be able to attend class as she had a meeting. Of course we said sure. Then she showed up for the class and said “I  have no idea what I was thinking, I rescheduled the meeting, I would be crazy to miss crafts”.

A second lady that same day asked what crafts we would be doing between Hong Kong and Sydney? She said “she was enjoying crafts so much she was thinking of extending her cruise” and changing her flights”.  We are “wowed”.

About WeTeachCrafts

Gloria and Brad have been teaching crafts on cruise ships for over 30 years.
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One Response to Mid Cruise Update

  1. Sandy Lehto says:

    Great feedback from passengers, You must be doing an amazing job. Happy Cruising

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